Ellie and the king’s pandemonium candle

We’ve always drawn strength from the stars… but when a candle’s flame goes out, our bodies wither.

Ellie, a blue celestial who pulls strength from the stars, has always believed she was just the daughter of the King Guard’s chief. But when her planet falls under attack and the love of her life tells her they need to find a ship to escape on, everything changes. Running for their lives, Ellie soon discovers her love’s betrayal—it isn’t the planet the invaders are after… It’s her.

Dealing with heartache, fear, and the looming threat that’s hunting her, Ellie must embrace the powers that have been dormant inside her and face reality: she’s the only one who can save her people… or bring them to the brink of destruction. It all depends on a mysterious candle’s everlasting flame…

Does Ellie fall for the enemy’s king who has ravaged her people and is after her powers? Or will her heart stay true to the man who’s had it for a lifetime? At what cost will her choice be made?

the third veil

Two halves, one soul…Two halves, one soul… Can Seven find it within her battered heart and fractured soul to trust in love once

After working her life as a servant in her abusive mother’s cathouse, Seven Ponds dares to dream of a
future with the local farmer who stole her heart. But when her home is engulfed in flames, and the
fire claims the life of her first love, she struggles against the grief consuming her.

When a strange mechanical device in the sky and terrifying shadow creatures appear, her town is thrust
into an unnatural winter signaling the end of the world. Discovering secrets of an ancient past, Seven is
thrown through a mysterious veil into a new world… a world full of magic.

Tasked with saving the world, and her mother, Seven stumbles along her fated path, finding it filled with
monsters in beautiful disguise, passionate love from an unexpected soulmate, and bitter betrayal.

Can Seven work through her grief and anxiety to save Earth before it’s devoured by the Aldaanians? Or
will she crumble beneath the weight of the world sitting atop her shoulders?

the curse of the bloodwood

A witch’s servant…
A forbidden love…
Until the hedge falls.

Lilia, a young fae lady from the Moonstone Court, stumbles upon a witch’s dell and is trapped there by a giant, magical hedge.

Being forced to serve a grumpy old witch is terrible, but she finds companionship in the form of Pandrus, young man who’s stone by day, handsome gardener by night. When the hedge falls, Lilia is faced with the choice between her freedom … or her heart.

The Curse of the Bloodwood is a one-hour read that is the perfect dose of magic and swoony romance.


A little about me

Hi! I am a fiction author who writes primarily adult fantasy and fantasy romance. My debut novel, Of Songs and Saltwater, a loose, gender-swapped retelling of The Little Mermaid was released in June of 2021, and I have been publishing ever since!

I call the St. Louis area home, and live with my husband, two children and one extremely spoiled cat. (What writer doesn’t?) When I’m not writing, I love to read fantasy novels, make music, and drink way too much coffee.